Three ways to prepare a delicious recipe

We may feel bore if we have the scheduled or the regular foods all the time as an alternative we can try some different recipes to have new experience. Trying new recipes is a like a hobby for some people so they can access this platform to learn preparation methods for some finest recipes.  Steel cut oats is a healthy food because it is fully natural and people who like to reduce their weight at the same time like to have delicious food can try this recipe. This website provides the three easiest methods to prepare the steel cut oats recipe so user can try this food for themselves or for their beloved ones.

Ingredients to prepare the recipe:

For every recipe we need some finest ingredients to enrich the taste and in steel cut recipe we need few ingredients to have the delicious taste. This recipe can be easily prepared in three ways so we need ingredients according to the methods but generally we need 1 cup of steel-cut-oats, 3 cup water for boil, half cup milk and salt. For the baked and overnight method we additionally need butter and finally to increase the taste we can add sliced apples. By using these ingredients we can prepare this recipe using the three convenient methods which are displayed in this platform.

Three Preparation methods:

Basic stovetop is the first method to prepare this recipe because it is very easy to do. In this method we need to boil the water using the stove at first then we need to pour the oats grains into the boiling water to smooth them. We need to boil the water with grains up to 20-30 minutes and in the mean time we have to add the salt to increase the taste. After the boiling we need to reduce the stove heat because the next step is to add the milk into the boiled oats grains. While adding the milk we should not exceed the level otherwise the recipe will not taste much. Finally we need to take out the recipe and need to add the sliced apple so now the food is ready to serve.

The next method is follow the baked procedure so as usual we need to boil the water initially then need to heat the butter alone in another stove. Then we need to mix the grains with them finally need to add the sliced apples, milk and required level of water. At last we need to set them in micro wave oven at 191 degree Celsius. After 10 minutes this recipe is ready to serve. The final method to prepare the steel cut oats recipe is making them using the overnight procedure where we need to grease our cooker using the vegetable oil first. Then need to pour the oats mix inside the cooker so we can boil them directly. After 20 minutes we can take out this recipe and need to cool down it for five minutes to serve.


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