Healthy and simple steel oat meal

Steel cut roast provide the seam healthy benefits like the rolled oats but in the steel oats are differ from the rolled oats in only one way. That is, in the steel oat are not rolled flats it is the only difference of the steel and the rolled oats. Otherwise the features of the steel oats are same as the rolled oats.

Delicious oats recipe:

Oats are considered normally the healthy dish for man so that today in the article deals the steel cut oats recipe. So that first you may note down the ingredients used to make the oats recipe then only you may avoid the too much of time to prepare. The ingredients are the three cups of boil water and the one cup of steel cut oats and the half cup of milk these are the main ingredients to prepare the steel oats. The remaining elements are the salt based on your taste and the half cup of cashews and the two table spoon of flaked coconut and the one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

If you want to add more taste in your dish mean you may use one table spoon of butter and the brown sugar you have to take these two in the equal proportion or the quantity.  Also you may use the ¼ table spoon of cinnamon and the half cup of sweetened dried cranberries. Now you start to prepare the steel oats deliciously, first take the saucepan and put it on the stove then you may add the butter and the oats in the pan. You may toast the butter and the oats for two minutes in the sauce pan.

Time to use all ingredients in the list:

You never toast the oats hardly by cause of it gives the bad texture for your preparation after toasting the oats in the butter for two minutes add the water in the pan. It is the time to add the milk and the butter milk in the pan but in the ingredient butter milk is the optional based on your preference and either you may add or not. Stir the ingredient in the pan gently because of combine finely as well as it need the time to cook so you have to wait ten minutes for cook. Keep in mind in the Steel cut oats recipe are done only in the moderate flame the you may add the coconut, cranberries and the vanilla extract in the oats.

After ten minutes you may transfer the oats recipe in the serving bowl now you coat or sprinkle in the top with the cinnamon, brown sugar. It is the time to serve the delicious oats to the members in the family and also it is the simple method to prepare. It only takes the forty minutes to prepare, in the first ten minutes take to prepare the oats and the remaining thirty minutes are allowed for cooking the oats in the pan finely. In the preparation of the steel oats has to be serving for three to four members.


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