Different varieties of cooking the oats deliciously

Steel cut oats are considered as the healthy dish for all kind of age group people from all over the world. To preparing the oats dishes in your kitchen is the simple and easy method you need not much more effort to make the delicious oats dish for your family members.

Using the kitchen products make the steel oats:

You can prepare the steel oats in three different dimensions that are the basic stove top steel oat and the second one is the baked steel cut at meal and the final preparation mode is the overnight steel meal. Each preparation style carries the unique style now you have to take the ingredients used for the steel oat meal preparation. In these listed ingredient is common for three types of preparations. The ingredients are the one cup of the steel-cu t oats and three cup of water and you may take the half cup of milk and the half tea spoon of salt. If you want to add the taste or you decorate your delicious steel cut oats recipe mean you may take the brown sugar, chopped apple and the cinnamon. Now you move on to the preparation mode so that you have to boil the three cup of water in the pan up to ten minutes.

After the water boils finely mean then you add the steel cut oats with a pinch of salt it gives the taste to your dish. You must stir the oats in the water for five minutes and you have to follow the moderate flame in your stove. You have to give the needed time for the oat to cook so that uncovered the pan and wait for twenty minutes for to cook. It is the time to add the milk in the oats pan and then stir the milk with the wooden spoon after that you have to wait for another ten minutes for the oats completely simmer in the milk. Finally the stove top steel at preparation is over you just transfer the oats in to the bowl and you sprinkle the cinnamon, chopped apples and the brown sugar then you can serve the oat to your family.




Easy method of preparing the delicious steel oats:


Remaining method the baked steel is moreover same as the stove top steels but you just the oven to prepare the steel oat instead of the stove. In the overnight steel cut oats recipe only may have some differences that is spray the vegetable in your slow cooking and put all the ingredients oats, milk in the cooker at the same time. Stir or mix the entire ingredient till when it comes in to together finely. After that you may closed the cooker and lace the setting in too low process. In the steel oat is cook overnight. In the next morning open the cooker and serve the steel oat in to the family members. You can serve this three kind of steel oat recipe for nearly three to four members.



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